Welcome to The Single Dad Nomad home page! I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not a web-developer, a professional photographer, nor a particularly talented father. So I imagine your first impression of my website is similar to mine when I look at it: meh.

I think that everyone has a unique story to tell. Auburn, my daughter, and I are no different. I don’t expect my writing to reach many people, but if I can inspire one other person (hopefully a single parent) to change their lifestyle to focus more on their child, then I will have made a positive difference in that child’s life and I don’t  care if everyone stops reading my material after that.

Nick and Auburn

Auburn will be turning 4 this July. She has climbed mountains in Hong Kong, surfed the waves in Colombia, and hiked through ancient jungles in Thailand. She’s suffered through divorce, separations, and night terrors. I’m her father, Nicholas, and I’m raising Auburn on my terms. Click below for more about us. Check out even more of our story by reading my blog, The Single Dad Nomad 🙂

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