Our Story, Briefly

An American father, a biracial daughter, and a lifetime to explore the world. Here’s The Single Dad Nomad story.


In 2013, Auburn was born on a sticky July evening in Hong Kong. She was born exactly 29 years–almost down to the minute–after my sister. She spent most of her first 18 months of life in Hong Kong, China, and the United States.

Since then, she has been living full-time with me, and we haven’t stayed in one place for more than a half a year. We hope to continue traveling to learn more about other cultures and how to live as globally-minded citizens.

For me, travel is an adventure and a learning opportunity, one I sometimes take for granted. For Auburn, travel is a must. Her Chinese grandparents don’t speak English, I want her to learn Spanish, and if she wants to keep getting oranges and cookies from me, then she’s going to have to keep traveling with me.

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