best laptops for parents or travelers

“So you’re here for gear?…I got you the coolest invention, probably ever.” That’s a quote from the movie, Minions. If you’re a parent, you probably already knew that. If you’re not a parent, I recommend it anyway, it’s a funny film.

That’s not why we’re talking today; today, we’re talking laptops. The BEST laptop. The best laptop for parents or travelers (or parents who travel!).

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I know which laptop it is. Thanks to this secret, you can stop shopping around.

So what laptop is it? And why?

 Good questions, inquisitive person.

It’s the Macbook Air.  Now, now, maybe you have used and disliked Apple products in the past. I hear you! If you’re used to Windows, Apple’s systems can take a bit of getting used to.

 But don’t be scared, little kitten. A bit of practice, an ounce of intuition, and 10 minutes watching YouTube videos of all the awesome stuff you can do one will change your mind!

 Besides from how easy they are to operate once you get your hands on one, they’re simply gorgeous, sleek machines that are incredibly easy to use.

Two Reasons the Macbook Air is the Best Laptop for Parents or Travelers

Reason 1: They’re Super Durable

My daughter is four and she seems to have a weird ability to be able to locate my laptop and find a way to send it flying off a table, shelf, or out of my hands without even trying.

This happens with nothing else; only my laptop suffers this fate. I don’t know, but it’s a part of our lives.

This bad boy I’m typing on right now? I’ve seen it fly, slam, crash, bounce, and skid across a room more times than I can remember. Each time my teeth grit, my face pales, and I prepare myself for the inevitable sadness that comes from a computer that won’t start up or a cracked screen that we’re so accustomed to seeing on smartphones.

But it always starts up, the screen hasn’t cracked, and I still do all my work on it.

How’s that possible?

An exterior aluminium shell. Sure, the corners of my laptop are a little dinged up, but you would be too if my 4-year-old body slammed you the way she body slams my laptop.

So, if you’re looking for a lap that is built to last, can withstand drops, smashes, and skids, then the Macbook Air is for you!

Reason 2: They’re Simple to Travel With

These laptops are super lightweight. There’s nothing superfluous about their bodies. They fit into a backpack or carry-on with ease.

When you’re having to go through the metal detectors and baggage check at the airport and they ask you to remove all your electronics, they slide right out and just as easily back into whatever you’re carrying it in.

They simply make traveling easier and lighter, something all travelers look for.

I’m a Parent Who Travels…Oh, I Thought I heard You Ask Why You Should Trust Me

As a parent who travels, I can assure you, the Macbook Air is the best laptop for parents or travelers (or parents who travel!)

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