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Stuck in a rat race that is eating your soul? I’ve been there. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed to step away from that life. 

If I can step away from it, so can you. Let me know by commenting on my blog–or sending me an email–if there’s a question I can answer for you about living a better life by traveling with your children. This is my single parent, parenting blog…oh yeah…did I mention we travel a lot?

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Our Story

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I got physical custody of my daughter when she was 1.5-years-old. At 2.5, I was granted full legal custody. Now, we’ve spent most of Auburn’s life traveling the world. At 4.5-year-old, she’s a polyglot who’s made friends in five countries on three continents.

As a parent, I’ve never felt I’ve done anything better than showing my little girl the world. 

I’m just trying to keep up with her. Follow our journies on Instagram and Youtube

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When people find out I’m a single parent that has taken my daughter on multiple round-the-world flights, they usually look at me like I’m a monster. Their eyes get big, their foreheads tighten, and they say something like, ‘oh, cool.’

I get the feeling they have many questions they’re reluctant to ask. That’s what this blog is for. For all those questions you wanted to ask but were too awkward polite to do so. 

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A World-Traveling, Single Parent, Parenting Blog


Photo: Mekong Delta


Hong Kong

Photo: Hong Kong Skyline


Photo: Colombian Farmer, Cocoa Plant


single parent blog, parenting blog, single parent travel

Photo: Koh Tao, Thailand



single parent blog, single parent travel, parenting blog

Photo: Fishing in Michigan

single parent travel, single parent blog, parenting blog

The world is our home, yet we barely know its corners. Auburn and I are on a lifelong journey to see every cobweb. Follow us on Insta, Facebook, and Youtube to show your support!