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Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or even Father’s Day, buying a gift for a guy who has everything and says he wants nothing is a difficult task. 

What are you to do?


I want to make it easy for you.

I’m a dad, and there’s no thing that I desire. 

I want to let you in on a convenient loophole in how to find a gift for a guy who says he wants nothing.

It’s true, there is ‘no thing’ that we want, but that doesn’t mean you should buy us nothing.

Instead, buy us something that gives us more than a thing. 

A hat is a hat, a tie is a tie. They are just objects that temporarily attach to our bodies. 

If you truly want to get an awesome gift for your dad or a guy who says he doesn’t want anything, then get him something that gives him experience.

How to Buy a Gift for a Guy Who Wants Nothing

Yes, there is no thing that he wants, so get him something that is more than that.

Get him something that expands his life. 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Gifts of Knowledge (no, not a book)

Some gifts disintegrate through time, others last a lifetime.

The gift of knowledge is one that lasts forever.

A Smoky Wisdom

Buying a guy a new grill is no new concept; but, buying him an outdoor smoker means you’re buying him a new skill he can be proud of. 

awesome gifts for single dads
You don’t have to start a business, it’s a personal endeavor!

Learning how to smoke meat is a valuable experience itself; eating the meat is just an added bonus.

So check out this elite smoker from Traeger.

If he’s not the type of guy that wants to capture the flavor of smoke in meat, perhaps he’s the kind of guy who would enjoy capturing the moments of life.

The Wisdom of Observation

I learned how to shoot on the predecessor to the Nikon D5600, and I’ve stuck with the line ever since.

But I also had professionals teaching me how to shoot.

The Nikon D3400 comes equipped with a ‘Guide Mode’ that teaches beginners how to take the perfect shots in a step-by-step educational format. 

best gifts for hard working guys
The D3000 series by Nikon is the best lineup for beginners, imho.

The kit that comes with it has everything a new photographer could need, so there’s no worry that you’ll leave him wanting. 


If cooking outside, or shooting photography outside, or just being outside, in general, isn’t on his wishlist, then invest in his education indoors.

There are two awesome ways that he can continue his pursuit of lifelong education.

Old-school Wisdom in a New-school Way

The schoolhouse model of education is dead.

Now it’s online, it’s when you want it, and it’s vastly more effective.

Skillshare is a great way for him to continue his education indoors and on his time. 

Learn on Skillshare 

Or, he can start learning on Udemy today! Home page 640x480 

Both options give him a plethora of resources to be inspired, learn, and continue growing.

Maybe he’ll want to consider starting a blog and monetizing it?

Who knows, your gift of education could become his new business model!

More active guys, however, just want to get out of the house. 

2. Give Him the Freedom to Explore

There’s no greater feeling than the freedom to explore.

To venture out past one’s own limits! 

Here are some gift ideas that give a guy who wants nothing, everything he could ever want: a life of exploration.

The Gift of Freedom on the Open Water

Give him the freedom to explore the open waters with this durable, inflatable pontoon boat.

It’s perfect for packing up tightly and exploring quickly and lightly.awesome gifts for wealthy guys

Some people aren’t meant for the sea, some are meant to fly.

The Gift of Freedom by Air

Consider getting him the newest piece of DJI’s drone technology, the gorgeous Mavic 2.

best gifts for overworked dads
Mavic Pro by DJI

I fly the  Mavic Air myself, which is the best drone for travelers, in my humble traveler opinion.

But for most dad’s, the Mavic 2 is the latest and best device to give your dad the freedom to explore by air.

Other guys who are impossible to buy gifts for, might just need the gift of travel itself. 

The Gift of Freedom to Travel

Even for a man who says he has everything he wants, there are always places he hasn’t been. 

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some gorgeous places around the world, here is my favorite place to give as a gift of travel for a guy who already has it all. 

My favorite place to recommend to people to visit is Koh Tao in Thailand.

the best gifts for picky guys
My favorite place in Thailand.

It has it all: beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and spectacular adventure tours including some of the best scuba diving on Earth!

To stay at my favorite place overlooking the sea in a private villa with a pool, check out Koh Tao Heights. I loved it so much there I almost took a job with them!

3. Give Him the Gift of Time

Time is more important than money. 

These gifts will help him save time, and/or stylishly wear it. 

Time-Saving Gifts

If you want a fast life, actions need to happen as fast as words.

That’s why it’s important that people focused on saving time use voice technology.

gifts for dads 2018

When the busy guy runs out of protein powder, Alexa listens and takes note.

Alexa can quickly give him the weather while he brushes his teeth.

And with voice technology, overworked guys can get sports scores on-the-go. 

The Echo Plus is just what he needs when he thinks he already has everything.It’s the best tool to set-up a smart home.

And what makes it better than the Echo Dot?

The sound quality. 

It’s a musical beast.

Wearing Time Like a Boss

If you can’t think of something to buy him that’s worth his time, then literally buy him time.

Watches don’t just tell us the time, they tell us a story. 

They might tell us a story about a rugged trekker, who created a watch to match his lifestyle. 

Or they might tell us the story of an artisan, a meticulous hermit delicately balancing the gears of homemade watches.

If your hard-to-buy-for guy is into artistry, check out this–my favorite– watch by Hublot:

gifts for rich guys
 Some watches have a more down-to-earth feel about them, but they don’t lack in elegance.

For example, this lovely woodgrain watch by Original Grain.

 These beauts are handcrafted and sustainably sourced from American oak barrels that used to store whiskey. 

There might not be a better gift for a guy who already has everything than this.

I bet he doesn’t have a whiskey barrel watch. 

And he should.

There you go! My top 9 gifts for a guy who has everything and wants nothing.

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