If you’re like me, you’re scrambling to come up with ideas for the last-minute gifts for your kids or someone else’s. This year, however, I’m ahead of my game and I came up with a game plan of what I can buy for my top last-minute presents when I forget to buy them on-time.

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Here are this year’s top 5 last-minute presents for the holiday season!

      1. Starwars BB-8

        This thing is freakin’ awesome! If you’re looking for a droid, this IS the droid you’re looking for. It reacts to voice-commands, can map its surroundings, and it will adapt and learn as your child (or you!) interact with it. It’s like a dog! Except it won’t poop on your cushions.

      2.  Laser X

        I’m including this because it reminds me so much of what I loved about being a kid. I was obsessed with laser tag. Now, the Laser X laser tag system for the home makes it so you don’t even have to go to the roller rink with your fifth-grade girlfriend and ignore her while you play laser tag over and over again like I did at that age! Ahh, the memories. Seriously though, I’m probably gonna exhaust my daughter if I end buying this for her. That’ll be a good switch of pace.

      3. Nerf N-Strike Terrascout

        I want this thing so badly! I don’t even wanna buy it for my daughter, I want it for me! I don’t think there’s anything I need to say about the Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout. One thing: bad…freaking…ass. Excuse my french-ish.

      4. Crayola Air-Dry Clay

        So simple, so smart, such an awesome present for kids. They can build whatever they please, let it set out for a few days, and once it’s dry, paint it however they wish! This is a perfect toy for kids to who love to build things (that’s all kids!) or paint (pretty much all kids, also!). The Air-Dry Clay from Crayola definitely had to make it onto my list of last-minute gifts this year.

      5. Harry Potter version of Clue

        I don’t even care if you judge me on this: it’s the best gameboard of all-time mixed crossed with one of the coolest, magical characters of all-time. The Harry Potter Clue Deluxe Limited Edition Board Game is awesome! Why didn’t this exist when I was a kid? I feel like I grew up smacking hoops down a street with a stick. Or maybe, a wand.

Top 5 Educational Toys for 2017

If you’re like me, you’re never entering a toy store with your child. Why would you torture yourself like that? It’s the third level of hell. Most of the toys you’ll see are pura caca: they’re cheaply made, un-educational, and going to die a slow death crushed to pieces under the weight of all the other crap smashing it in your toddler’s overflowing toy box. Worse, your child is going to pull boxes off the shelves, shout about wanting every toy, and you might accidentally impulse buy a drone because, let’s face it, those look pretty sweet with the VR Helmets and attachable NERF rockets.

Thankfully the web helps us avoid those problems, but, being a parent is difficult enough without having to sift through the internet looking for the top educational toys for your child. Luckily for you, I have some free time today so I’ve compiled my favorite list of toys that I’m considering buying my toddler for the holiday season this year.

Affiliate link disclosure: You may find affiliate links in this blog post. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. You can read my full disclosure here.

Top Educational Toys for Children for the 2017 Holiday Season

SmartMax Start XL 

If you’re looking for a toy that will encourage your child’s spatial and logical awareness while building and replicating awesome structures with a long-lasting toy, then the SmartMax Start XL is the best choice for you! The pieces are large enough that it’s safe for children as young as 1-year-old, but they’re colorful and engaging enough for an older toddler. Your little architect can learn about the power of magnetism while practicing their engineering skills. Seriously considering this as the next toy for my little Auburn! Click the image to check it out!

Amazon Fire 7 for Kids

Honestly, I’m tired of my daughter taking over my Kindle to play her games, I wanna play my games! So it’s about time I get her the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet with Kid-Proof Case so we can play together! For less than $100, this is perfect choice for my top educational toys! It comes with a two-year guarantee that if your child breaks, they’ll replace it, which is the best peace of mind you can offer us parents, in my opinion! It includes a free year of FreeTime, which gives them access to educational videos, games, books, PBS and Disney, for starters. And if you’re looking to buy more than one? There’s currently a variety-pack promotion that you can buy two of these tablets for just $149.98!
You know the drill, click the image or the links to check it out!

Mini Kick Scooter with Light Up Wheels

Okay, I’ve been geeking out over these Mini Kick Scooter 3 Wheels! So jealous I’m not a little kid and would probably crack the axels of one of these because I’m a chubby, old man super handsome, stacked, 30-year-old. I see other kids whipping around on these, wheels flashing multicolors, leaning to steer and slaloming between pedestrians, uggggh, I wanna do that! The next best option is buying one for my daughter so her childhood can be happy and I can imagine mine was, too. Without one of these scooters, however, I can’t lie to myself, childhood sucked. But how is this educational you ask? Duh! It teaches kids how to be awesome-looking. Also, balance and depth-perception are important parts of physical intelligence. 

This model is less expensive than some its better-known competitors but doesn’t sacrifice on quality. I honestly think the only difference in price (this is one better!) is the cost of marketing. Probably because they get free marketing from thoughtful parents like yours truly.

Check it out via the link or the picture, it comes in several different colors!

Tegu 42 Piece Magnetic Wooden Block Set

I’m having a very difficult time choosing between the SmartMax Start XL and this 42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set! I honestly can’t recommend one over the other because they both look awesome, have a sturdy build, and will teach your child about magnetism, engineering, and spatial awareness. I would like your feedback in the comments to let me know what one you like better to help me decide!
Again, click the image to check it out!

Super Nintendo Classic Edition 

Yup! I’m going there, the Super Nintendo Classic Edition is making my list of top educational toys for 2018. Firstly, don’t give me your ‘video games aren’t educational!’ nonsense. You obviously haven’t ever played video games, researched their benefits, or been crushed by a rival in Mario Kart. Video games teach kids all sorts of things: eye-hand coordination, pattern recognition, increases memory skills, improves brain speed, and if you’d ever been crushed by an annoying rival in Mario Kart, then would know that it teaches you humility and improved social skills. 

Also, I grew up on a Super Nintendo so maybe this is just my nostalgia speaking, but Star Fox is the greatest game ever invented. You might disagree, but that’s because you’re an idiot. Click the link or the image to see what other games that come included you could incorrectly argue are better than Star Fox.


Whether you’re looking for the top educational toys to help your child build, improve their balance, or increase their eye-hand coordination, any of these can help your child grow into a more complete human.

I don’t take my choices for the top educational toys lightly. You’re welcome for doing your holiday shopping.

Shopping for children is a serious business of making smart choices–choose wisely.