• The best anti-theft backpack for travelers.
  • A comfortable, stylish backpack.
  • Durable, high-quality materials.
  • Laptop pocket, charging port, and more!

OutJoy Anti Theft Backpack Review from a World Traveler.

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If you’re looking for the best anti-theft backpack at a price that’s affordable, I present the OutJoy Anti-Theft Backpack. I’ve been using it as I travel across the world with my daughter and I love it!

  1. This backpack is affordable, reliable, and totally secure.
  2. The comfortable straps, breathable back, and lightweight frame make it an ideal anti-theft back for travel.

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Hi, I’m Nicholas Demski from The Single Dad Nomad, and I’m down here in Medellin, Colombia, a city that some people would say is not too safe.

I’ve only been here for a month, but I haven’t felt a degree of insecurity.

However, traveling does bring up some safety concerns, especially since the number of petty thefts and robberies has been on the rise in Medellin.

So, that’s why today we’re going to be looking at one backpack that I’ve absolutely loved, it’s the OutJoy Anti-Theft Backpack.

I’ve been using this since August 2019, and I haven’t regretted the purchase (sub-$50) once.

The Best Anti-Theft Backpack for Travel

The best anti-theft back for travel is the OutJoy Anti-Theft Backpack.

The number one reason that I really like this backpack is that it can lock right up top to keep your things secure while proving easy access when you need it.

The locking mechanism on my OutJoy Anti Theft Backpack

It keeps anyone from being able to pickpocket you while you’re walking around, it’s really effective.

You can set your own combo on it, and it’s really easy to open.

Even though it has a reliable locking mechanism, some people might still worry about people running up and cutting their bag’s straps.

The straps on the Outjoy anti-theft backpack are quite thick, potential thieves won’t be able to cut through them quickly.

Lastly, it has a semi-hard shell.

It’s not completely solid, but it’s not squishy, so it will protect your valuables.

OutJoyt anti theft backpack review
OutJoy Anit Theft Backpack opened up

The large laptop pocket easily fits my  Dell XPS 15  that I use for editing videos while I’m traveling.

Additionally, since it locks, you might be thinking, “I wanna keep some things on the outside, I don’t want to get into the locks every time.”

That’s fine, there’s an extra zipper on the sleeve, and another one on the bottom that’s much larger.

Even though they’re on the outside of the bag, their respective locations keep them totally secure.

A Look Inside the OutJoy Anti-Theft Backpack

I’m actually gonna fill this bag up with some of my things to show you what it looks like when I take it on carry-on.

And I can show you how much it actually carries and protects at one time.

For recommendations on things to pack into your carry on, check out this video I made from my experience after multiple 16-hour flights.

This bag opens up really wide to make it easy to pack.

It has some Velcro straps here to keep it tight at the bottom, if you want, as well.

7 Things to Pack Into Your OutJoy Anti-Theft Bag

1. Laptop

I wouldn’t have bought this bag if it didn’t have a large laptop sleeve.

I use a Dell XPS 15, it’s one of the only laptops that can actually edit 4K video, which I need.

I upgraded from a MacBook Pro, actually, to this.

It fits in the bag perfectly, the straps hold it down, and it stays well-cushioned and supported throughout my travels.

2. Noise-canceling headphones

Want top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones but don’t want to hand over around $300 for the Bose QC 35?

I use the Bose QC25 headphones with a Transeca Bluetooth adapterwhich, combined, cost around $150.

You’ll cut your costs in half doing what I did and not sacrifice on the quality of your audio at all.

The Bose QC 25 are absolutely amazing and essential for getting on any kind of long flight because you have the option to plug into the plane’s audio if you need to, or use your Bluetooth to listen to your own devices.

The Bluetooth adapter fits really well in the pocket on the carrying case of the Bose headphones.

3. Battery Pack

If you need a smart bag but want more travel freedoms, the OutJoy Anti-theft Backpack is for you.

The BESTON 10,000mah power bank is great for travel and fits well into this bag.

You can easily charge your phone from it, but it’s not a backpack that will violate airline policies which can restrict the use of smart bags on planes.

There’s a little compartment for a battery with a cord that attaches through the backpack to provide USB charging capabilities without opening the bag.

4. Notebook and Pens

The Outjoy Anti-theft backpack is great for note-takers.

There’s another slot in front of the laptop slot that can hold a notebook or two and is accompanied by several slots for pens.

By the way, the only pen you should be writing with while traveling is the Pilot G2 series, a refillable pen.


5. Keys

Never lose your keys again by clipping to this handy keyring inside your anti-theft backpack.

It’s almost fool-proof.

6. Cell Phone

This bag has the perfect pocket for any phone.

I’m currently using the XiaoMi A3 because it’s an affordable phone with a great triple-camera and it works well around the world as I change SIM cards from country to country.

If you’re new to traveling, not every phone does that.

Check it out for yourself here:

7. Passport Wallet

I keep my passport and money safe while traveling with the Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket.

It’s a security belt that goes under my shirt or around my waistline under my jeans when I need it, or safely in my backpack when I don’t.

No chance of being pickpocketed.

5 Extras to Pack into Your OutJoy Anti-Theft Backpack for Carry On Luggage

  1. Water bottle: I often pack a 1 L bottle easily into this bag with everything else listed here.
  2. Book to read: I pack at least one book whenever I’m in transit. I usually place it with my notebook.
  3. Toiletry bag: This small bag will include the basics for me: toothbrush, deodorant, small toothpaste. Only the things I may need immediately if my check-in luggage is delayed for any reason.
  4. Wallet: Be safe. Your wallet should go into your anti-theft backpack while traveling.
  5. Sleep kit: This sounds lame, but it’s a lifesaver. My sleep kit includes Mack’s earplugs (the best earplugs on earth), an eye-shield, a pack of Dramamine, and an inflatable neck pillow.

You can zip up your OutJoyt Anti-theft backpack, lock it up, and you’re ready to go anywhere in the world and you don’t have to worry about anybody taking any of your valuables.

If you want a reliable anti-theft backpack that’s going to keep all your things safe and is going to be comfortable, check out the OutJoy Anti-theft Backpack’s awesome rating on Amazon by clicking the image below!

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